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Century Tech offers a range of innovative products and services to international schools in 50+ countries worldwide.

Century Tech

Charles Wood, Director of International at Century Tech Ltd.

Century Tech offers a range of innovative products and services to international schools in 50+ countries worldwide. Our core product, CENTURY, uses a combination of artificial intelligence, neuroscience and learning science to provide each student with a constantly adapting learning pathway. CENTURY identifies gaps in knowledge, misconceptions and areas for improvement or stretch before making timely recommendations to students. All the data produced is displayed in easy-to-use dashboards for teachers, freeing up time to personalise lessons or deliver interventions to individual students.

Why do international schools matter to Century Tech?


With the number of international students and schools estimated to double by 2030, this market presents a huge opportunity for Century Tech given the forward-thinking and innovative nature often associated with international schools. Our adaptive learning technology has been particularly well-received by the international community; these schools often have an interest in cutting-edge technology to support learning outcomes, but also have digital strategies in place that will support the implementation process. With CENTURY now in every major international school group, we are very well positioned to expand into new territories and consolidate our market share in parts of the world such as the Middle East and East Asia – areas with high concentrations of international schools.


Access to live data to inform segmentation


The ISC Outreach portal has become an invaluable asset for all manner of outbound campaigns. It has become our sales team’s “go-to” on a daily basis for the key insights it provides on individual schools. At Century Tech, we have Regional Managers who oversee all direct sales in their prescribed territory: usually a continent. The live segmentation tool on the portal is used frequently by our Regional Managers to allow more targeted campaigns. We segment by curriculum, age group, tuition fees, associate membership, and school size. Being able to segment the 16,000 international schools based on a variety of factors is invaluable to understanding what our true total addressable market is, and it allows the team to tailor their outreach approach. Equally, our marketing function finds such segmentation useful when planning newsletter, email, and webinar campaigns.

A more personalised outreach strategy


Prior to meeting with an international school, our Regional Managers will consult the ISC Outreach portal for details such as school group and association memberships, allowing them to tailor their conversations and ensure they make meaningful and relevant references throughout their discussions with the school.

A new, and incredibly useful, addition to the ISC Outreach portal has been the inclusion of LinkedIn profiles of senior leaders where applicable, a feature which the team makes use of frequently to build their connections.

Access to the ISC Outreach portal is undoubtedly an essential tool for anyone looking to begin their international export journey. It is constantly updated with new schools, contact details and insightful reports on different markets.

ISC Research being the trusted source


We are frequent users of market reports and eagerly look forward to the global opportunities report. This is usually timed well for the summer when we start to look forward to the new academic year and think about the different strategies we will deploy for new, growth and consolidation markets. The ISC Research team are usually at every major international conference; you always learn something new from their expertise.



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