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Clive Pierrepont

Non-Executive Director

Before moving to the Middle East, I was a Headmaster of a UK school designated as a National Centre of Excellence, working with students who had problems in mainstream education. For the last 5 years in the UK, I chaired my local Headteacher’s Association.

After 15 years as Director of The Sultan’s School, Oman, I joined Taaleem in 2008, the second largest operator of premium private schools in the UAE.

I have been a Board Member of British Schools in The Middle East (BSME), Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and founder board member of Outward Bound (OB), Oman and at present, am board member of OB, (UAE).

I am also privileged to be part of a mentoring network that works with ‘High Achievers’ from various industries. When given the chance, I also enjoy commentating and speaking on all matters ‘education’!



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Integrating maths and design through robotics
Integrating maths and design through robotics

Irina Mach discusses how, for the second year in a row, grade 8 students at Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) have engaged in an interdisciplinary unit (IDU) that integrates maths and design through robotics. Read more

Building bridges through intergenerational learning
Building bridges through intergenerational learning

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The Bubble
The Bubble

Our students were living in a bubble, largely isolated from the local culture and language. Rwandan Culture Week was the moment I decided something had to change. We were spending only a week celebrating the culture we are lucky enough to live in every single day. Lauren Jones recalls how her school has blossomed to implement the local culture into its school curriculum and ethos. Read more


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