Investor partnership

If you are wishing to invest or raise funds for new school development, a partnership with ISC Research will provide you with the advice, introductions, market reports, data and intelligence you need.


International schools market growth

10 year comparison



9,402 in January 2014
14,010 in January 2024



4.5m in January 2014
6.9m in January 2024



423,269 in January 2014
664,645 in January 2024



$35.5bn in January 2014
$60.9bn in January 2024


Overcome challenges

As an international education investor, you face several challenges during your search for a school partner.  As the recognised source of data and intelligence on the world’s international schools market since 1994, ISC Research will help you to identify the best location opportunities that meet rising demand for international education, as well as brand or expert partners and school management support.
The ISC Research Investor Partnership service supports you through every step of your new school partnership selection process. We can:

  • Pre-assess potential schools to help you identify best qualified independent brands
  • Provide you with the research expertise, data and intelligence
  • Address requirements to present your investment offering
  • Plan, manage and accompany you on a programme of school visits

Freddie Cloke, our School Development Manager, is available to discuss your needs.



School selection

Investor partners can rely on our market data and intelligence, as well as our strong connections. We will identify independent schools that meet your development criteria and provide a roster of well prepared schools that are informed and receptive to investor proposals.

Programme of school visits

As part of our investor partnership, we will organise a programme of school visits for you including an accompanied tour of every school, plus face-to-face meetings with school leaders and key representatives from each potential school.

Expert and impartial advice

The partnership process works both ways: not only is an investor selecting a brand partner, but the school is making a decision on the right investor partner. ISC Research advises both parties during the partnership decision-making process, acting as an impartial yet trusted third party to ensure the most successful outcome.

New connections

ISC Research will support you in developing connections to reputable expert partners for all aspects of the school development process (feasibility studies, facility design, school budgeting, leadership and staff recruitment, etc).

Data you can trust

Most data and intelligence supplied by ISC Research is collected directly from senior leaders at international schools. This data and intelligence gathering is conducted year-round by our field-based research consultants supported by our desk researchers. We also use trusted local sources, market experts and government bodies to acquire reliable market intelligence.

We also collect data on independent schools that have one or more foreign campuses or an international presence.


Regional breakdown of international schools
January 2024

  • Asia 57% 57%
  • Europe 14% 14%
  • Americas 15% 15%
  • Africa 12% 12%
  • Oceania 2% 2%

Let’s discuss your needs

We are dedicated and committed to supporting the broader international schools community by providing data, trends and intelligence. Since 1994, we have guided schools with their growth plans, informed investors on new school development, helped universities to engage with international schools, and advised education suppliers that are supporting the market.