Sustainability 2024 Report


This exclusive specialist report published by ISC Research, presents the impacts of schools’ sustainability initiatives on the school, their students, and their local communities. Only available in PDF format.

Full description

This report endeavours to highlight the various environmental sustainability initiatives undertaken by international schools who participated in this report. It aims to delve more into how these schools’ sustainability journey started, the challenges they have encountered, and where they see their sustainability initiatives going. Furthermore, this report explores the impacts of schools’ sustainability initiatives on the school, on their students, and on their local communities.

This report also aims to take a different approach by shifting the focus from climate threat to climate opportunities. It will focus on the many positive, amazing initiatives being taken by many international schools worldwide, highlighting not only the initiatives of the various schools participating in this research but also to encourage the community to amplify their efforts and offers guidance through best practices for those starting their sustainability journey.


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