International Schools Intelligence Report

Identify opportunities in your target market. This bespoke report compiles the latest data and analysis of international schools within your chosen segment.

Bespoke analysis of your target market

Market intelligence is essential to inform school development or expansion plans, and identify opportunities in most promising markets. Available to order, our International Schools Intelligence Report provides you with updated data and in-depth analysis of your chosen target market (country specific or to your criteria).

Adapted to your needs, the International Schools Intelligence Report can include, but is not limited to, comprehensive research on:

  • A variation of geographical breakdown by number of schools, students and teaching staff
  • Market growth
  • School breakdown by enrolment, curricula, examinations, accreditations, associations and school groups
  • Tuition fee range analysis
  • Salary ranges and staff benefits

ISC Research produces your International Schools Intelligence Report to order, using the very latest data collected directly from international schools. The data available for selected markets may vary. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


International Schools Intelligence Report

Make the most of tailored research

Inform your strategic planning with updated country data and an in-depth analysis of your chosen international schools market.

Enhance market understanding through insights into a target market of your choice, to help make informed decisions.

Adjust admissions and tuition fee planning with fee and enrolment capacity data analysis for the current academic year.

Improve recruitment strategies using such data analysis as class sizes, and student-teacher ratios, as well as salaries and benefits.



Let's discuss your needs

We are dedicated and committed to supporting the broader international schools community by providing data, trends and intelligence. Since 1994, we have guided schools with their growth plans, informed investors on new school development, helped universities to engage with international schools, and advised education suppliers that are supporting the market.