Japan Market Intelligence Summary

Headline data and intelligence on the Japan international schools market to inform marketing and business development plans for education suppliers or higher education institutions.


Japan international schools market

International schools globally (January 2023)


Of international schools are based in Japan


Of student enrolments are based in Japan


The Japan international schools market at a glance

Short but insightful, the Japan Market Summary provides you with updated and analysed country data as well as selected market intelligence. Essential market research to inform your marketing and business development plans!

  • Headline data covering schools, enrolments, teaching staff, curricula and examinations, as well as top associations, school groups and accreditations.
  • Snapshot analysis of market growth in the last 5 years.
  • Insights gathered directly from international school senior leaders will also help you understand the impact of policies and regulations on schools, and identify market trends to watch.
  • Future market development for longer term plans.

Market summaries are included in ISC Outreach licences. Our team is available to discuss your needs.


Reliable Japan market data and intelligence

Our team of field-based and desk-based researchers continuously capture qualitative data from regular conversations with international school leaders, governments and associations. We also capture quantitative data from selected online sources and surveys with school Heads to provide you with updated and trusted information on the Japan international schools market. Part of this research is captured in the Market Summary.


Let's discuss your needs

We are dedicated and committed to supporting the broader international schools community by providing data, trends and intelligence. Since 1994, we have guided schools with their growth plans, informed investors on new school development, helped universities to engage with international schools, and advised education suppliers that are supporting the market.