Why more international schools keep opening

As new international schools keep opening year on year, we've explored the macro and micro-environmental factors influencing growth in the international schools market.

Factors influencing market growth

As new international schools keep opening year on year, ISC Research has taken a closer look at the reasons for this growth.

We shared our findings in our new white paper “Why more international schools keep opening”, exploring government-led regulations and more micro-environmental factors like competition and student or parent needs.

The paper also includes the views of admissions staff from different international schools. Download a free copy to find out more.

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Included in this paper

  • How many international schools are there?
  • Factors impacting market growth
  • Local impact
  • Micro factors impacting market growth
  • Views from the admissions office
  • What the future looks like
  • Why trust ISC Research data?
  • What is an international school?



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