Esade – global higher education institution

Esade is an international institution that offers undergraduate programmes in Business Administration, Global Governance, Economics & Politics, Artificial Intelligence for Business and also Business Leadership for Social Impact.

Esade – global higher education institution

Albert Diaz is Director of Recruitment and Admissions for Undergraduate Degrees at Esade in Barcelona Spain.

Esade is an international institution that offers undergraduate programmes in Business Administration, Global Governance, Economics & Politics, Artificial Intelligence for Business and also Business Leadership for Social Impact.

“ISC Research is a solid partner to rely on.”

How we work with international school university counsellors

We work directly with international counsellors from more than 100 countries, not only attending to their events but also keeping them up-to-date with our news and their former students’ progress at Esade. We organise monthly online meetings to share information and best practices and each spring we invite them to visit us in Barcelona for a 2-day on-campus weekend activity. On top of that we keep a live correspondence with the school Counsellors that recommend Esade to their top students that meet Esade requirements. Our relationship can become so close that we have developed solid specific scholarship programmes to help their students studying at Esade with 100% tuition fee & accommodation scholarships.

Between Esade and school counsellors there is always a two-way communication that impacts directly on the future of their students and we are open to welcome more counsellors to join us on our next events.

Why international schools matter to Esade

The more international our student body is, the more diverse their experience will be and thus more interrelated with the professional world they will find themselves in, in the near future. Education goes beyond what it is in the books. Students will face a global professional world that will require being flexible, adaptive and open to new challenges. And what’s more, students will experience their personal growth surrounded by people from different cultures, origins, and backgrounds, while sharing common and diverse interests.

International schools provide a panoramical view that is very enriching and provide their students with a mentality with which the world will have no boundaries. Mixing international students with local students is the perfect combination as locals will benefit from the international diverse perspective and international students will connect with local culture, people, language and traditions during the four years they will live in Barcelona. It’s a win-win!

How ISC Research has supported Esade

ISC Outreach from ISC Research is one of the main reasons Esade’s international growth has been so rapid and is so consolidated. Thanks to ISC Outreach we have access to resources, news, contacts and information that is up-to-date about anything related to international schools. It is a complete source of data and information. Moreover, when launching new programmes every year, we have to adapt and engage with new groups of students and it is important to do that process while taking into consideration expert advice. We benefit from the immediate access to informative webinars, presentations, and online advice from ISC Research.

Nowadays we rely more than ever on online resources and commercial activities to attract talent. During the last two years, we adapted most of our operations and international recruitment to a hybrid model and ISC Research was one of our main sources of information regarding what was going on in each different country and how this was affecting schools.

We know that we can count on the team at ISC Research to give good professional advice, and updated resources and data to help us make decisions regarding our international recruiting strategies. ISC Research has been, and is, a solid partner to rely on.”


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