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Refine your business development and marketing strategy with ISC Outreach, the live data portal for education suppliers and higher education institutions to increase your reach within the international schools market.


Rely on up-to-date data

ISC Outreach is the easiest way to stay abreast of the latest international schools market data and trends. Our live portal provides you with updated figures to inform your segmentation.

Our dynamic dashboard displays key data points, including updated numbers of international schools, local IB World Schools, and future schools set to open soon, a count of the international school staff, students and contacts in our database, and a regional breakdown of international schools. Licences can be adapted to your needs. 

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Increase your reach

ISC Outreach provides access to a searchable database which includes data on over 13,000 international schools, contact details of 70,000 school staff across all functions and seniority levels, information on more than 500 school groups, and details of school associations and accreditations, including their member schools.

Whether you use the data within your licence to contribute to your lead generation activity, grow your network, refine your market segmentation, or identify influential organisations and key influencers, the database makes ISC Outreach an essential toolkit for your marketing and business development team.

Data on over


international schools


school staff


Regional breakdown of international schools
January 2023

  • Asia 57% 57%
  • Europe 14% 14%
  • Americas 15% 15%
  • Africa 11% 11%
  • Oceania 2% 2%

Visualise market data

ISC Outreach includes an analysis feature for a flexible, quick and easy way to visualise the international schools market data. Customisation options enable you to filter from regional level down to sub region, country and city level, or to apply more specific criteria such as curriculum, examinations or accreditations, to name a few. We’ve also implemented a full screen view of individual charts for enhanced visibility.


Access reliable research

Market knowledge and understanding are essential to marketing and business development teams to produce a strong strategy. Keeping this knowledge updated can however be a challenge. With so many information sources at your fingertips, it is not always easy to identify the most reliable ones. That is why licences to ISC Outreach include access to country-specific commercial intelligence reports, free specialist reports and white papers.



Unmissable news and events

We keep track of all relevant conferences and events within the sector and share them on our live data portal using a calendar. Similarly, we post links to interesting news and articles. Make the most of these features to identify networking opportunities and adjust your own content marketing strategy to keep informed of the trends and topics discussed within the market.

As an ISC Outreach client, you are also invited to exclusive events to find out the latest market updates from our Field Research team and have your questions answered.


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We are dedicated and committed to supporting the broader international schools community by providing data, trends and intelligence. Since 1994, we have guided schools with their growth plans, informed investors on new school development, helped universities to engage with international schools, and advised education suppliers that are supporting the market.