ISC Research Annual Conference 2024: Future Intelligence

July 16, 2024
Join ISC Research for our Annual Conference: Future Intelligence, as we explore the international education landscape in 2024.

ISC Research Annual Conference 2024: Future Intelligence

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Future Intelligence

Join ISC Research for our Annual Conference, as we explore the international education landscape in 2024. Over two days, you will receive the latest data on the K-12 international schools sector, practical tools to adapt to an ever-growing market, and insights from educational experts on the latest trends affecting schools worldwide.

If you work within the international schools market and looking to improve your knowledge of this dynamic sector, then don’t miss out. RSVP today to secure your place and gain access to the latest data and intelligence on international schools.


Conference Agenda

16 July 2024

Day one of the conference will focus on one of the most pertinent trends currently impacting international schools, Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will hear from experienced educational leaders and experts on how international schools are embracing this new technology, utilising it to improve inclusivity for all students, and finding solutions to the new challenges posed.

10:00 – Future Intelligence – CEO’s welcome and the international schools market today

10:30 – Keynote speech from Dina Foster, Educate Ventures

Leigh Webb, CEO will begin the Annual Conference with an overview of ISC Research before Sami Yosef, Head of Global Research, provides the latest high-level data and intelligence on the international schools market. Dina Foster, our keynote speaker, will finish the first session with an introduction to AI and its pertinence to international schools setting the scene for the remainder of the first day’s sessions.

Hosted by Leigh Webb, Sami Yosef, Dina Foster

Break out sessions: Effective Implementation of AI in the Classroom 

11:15 – Supporting Students with AI 
Discover how AI tools are revolutionising the way educators cater to the diverse needs of international students in K-12 settings. From personalised language learning to peer-to-peer support, delve into innovative AI-driven solutions that enhance student engagement, academic performance, and overall, wellbeing. Join Matthew Wemyss as we discuss practical strategies surrounding the integration of AI in education.

Hosted by Matthew Wemyss

11:45 – The Inclusive Classroom: Working with SEN Students

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, the integration of AI provides new opportunities to foster inclusive learning environments, particularly for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). This session discusses the transformative potential of AI in catering to the diverse learning needs of SEN students, thereby promoting equitable access to education. Join Philippa Wraitmell and explore how AI tools, like adaptive learning software and virtual tutors, cater to diverse learning needs, empowering every student to reach their full potential.

Hosted by Philippa Wraithmell

12:30 –  The Dangers of AI: Safeguarding, Plagiarism and Inaccuracies 
As AI becomes increasingly part of everyday life, educators must be equipped to navigate potential pitfalls and protect their students. Explore the risks posed by AI in terms of safeguarding student data, combating academic malpractice facilitated by AI-powered tools, and addressing inaccuracies in AI-generated content. Join Rebecca Mace to learn how these dangers manifest in educational settings and their impact on student learning and academic integrity.

Hosted by: Rebecca Mace

13:00 – Panel session:  Matthew Wemyss, Philippa Wraithmell, and Rebecca Mace

Join our three session presenters as they discuss the key themes covered on day one of the Annual Conference.  Don’t miss the chance to put your questions to our expert panel and hear their thoughts and insights on AI’s role in international education.


17 July 2024

On day two, the ISC Research team will present the latest data and intelligence to enhance your relationships with the world’s international schools. The day will include a Global Market Overview for 2024, insights on key growth regions such as Saudi Arabia and India, and practical tips on marketing to international schools.

9:30 – Global Market Overview 2024 session

This session is an exclusive opportunity to be involved in a live Q&A with our Head of Global Research, Sami Yosef, who will share highlights from our new Global Market Overview 2024 report, available to purchase in August 2024.

As more and more schools keep opening year on year, what does the global K-12 international schools market look like in 2024? Uncover key shifts and trends that have shaped the international schools market in recent years. Delve into the latest growth data covering international school locations, enrolment numbers, curricula and examinations, school groups and student demographics. Discover where international schools have been opening over the past year and explore the important emerging markets of 2023 and beyond. Stay informed about the latest country government regulations, and much, much more!

Hosted by Sami Yosef, Head of Global Research

10:45 – Country Growth Markets

Join our Field Researchers as they discuss five major growth markets in the international education sector: Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Southeast Asia, India, and Vietnam.

Our Field Researchers will provide a comprehensive analysis of international schools market data and detailed intelligence gathered from their school interviews within these regions. The session will include the information you need to inform key areas of your short and long-term strategy to enter or expand activities in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Hosted by Sami Yosef, Janelle Torres, Elena Mora, Tony Atkinson and Abhishek Pandey

12:00 – Experts in international data and intelligence: how ISC Research can support your business
Join us to find out how ISC Research can support your business with up-to-date key data analysis, trends, and intelligence in the international schools market. Ideal for strategic planning, this session will showcase the importance of reaching out to the target markets relevant to your business and how to gain insights into market data and trends to inform your decisions. With a new portal launching this summer, we will provide you with an exclusive look of how our new portal can be a vital component of your business and marketing planning.

Hosted by The ISC Research team

12:45 – How to Best Market to International Schools 
Need some inspiration on how to best communicate with your target audience? Join our expert panel session with Steve Whitley, Ian Hunter, and Phil Readhead, as they discuss how best to market to international school decision-makers. This insightful session will equip you with the knowledge of what international schools need the most from education suppliers and practical tools to implement your business and marketing strategies. This session is perfect for those new to the international schools market or those planning their yearly strategies.

Hosted by Rachel Rogers, Steve Whitley, Ian Hunter, and Phil Redhead

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July 16, 2024

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ISC Research Annual Conference 2024: Future Intelligence

Event date - July 16, 2024

Join ISC Research for our Annual Conference: Future Intelligence, as we explore the international education landscape in 2024. Find out more


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