CPD Webinar: From Strategy to Action

Took place on: March 14, 2024
Join us for our first Continued Professional Development session on Strategy to Action. The session is hosted by Ewan McIntosh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of NoTosh.

CPD Webinar: From Strategy to Action

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Join us for our first Continued Professional Development (CPD) webinar, hosted by Ewan McIntosh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of NoTosh.

Ewan founded NoTosh, an innovative organisation based in Edinburgh, Scotland. His vision through NoTosh is founded upon empowering learners, providing them access to exceptional educational opportunities within rich learning environments. Before establishing NoTosh, Ewan’s career spanned various fields. His contributions range from classroom teaching, pioneering the use of emerging technologies to support learning, to working as a Digital Commissioner for Channel 4.

This CPD session focuses on Strategy to Action.

Statistically, 64% of most teams have no idea what an organisation’s strategic priorities are.

For the past 15 years, Ewan McIntosh’s firm, NoTosh, has shown school leaders that five year strategic plans don’t work when it comes to making change on the ground. They’ve also shown the impact of getting aspiring and middle leaders inspired and equipped to turn strategy into action on the ground. 

School leaders and their Boards can inadvertently make life more complicated for their communities. Strategic plans bend under the weight of objectives. When there’s too much on the strategic planning plate, people lose their appetite to take even one step forward.

But when you focus on one big idea – when you create genuine strategy – you benefit from everyone pulling the same way. How do you do this in busy school communities where the temptation is always to add, not remove from the plate?

And if you’re a middle leader in a school that’s straining under the weight of ‘things to do’, how can you play your part in helping find focus for your own team?

This session will include an opportunity to challenge the provocations from Ewan, dig deeper into reality of finding sharp focus, and show what next steps you might take to move from plans few read to a strategy that resonates with everyone in your team.

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