Outstanding Schools Middle East Conference

October 5, 2022
Join Nalini Cook, Head of Global Research, at Outstanding Schools Middle East Conference, 5th - 6th October 2022.

Outstanding Schools Middle East Conference

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Join Nalini Cook, Head of Global Research, at Outstanding Schools Middle East Conference, 5th October 2022.

Nalini will be joining the Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities around Workforce Recruitment and Retention panel discussion at 3:15pm (GST).

This panel discussion will include:

  • Exploring the changing trends and patterns in international recruitment – what are the key lessons learned and how can this inform future recruitment, retention, and professional development strategies for diverse and multicultural school settings
  • How can schools promote diversity in their recruitment of leadership and faculty, by adopting innovative, equitable, and inclusive hiring practices and structures
  • Recruiting for long-term retention – what do schools leaders need to consider during the hiring process, and what should ‘the right’ candidate look like?
  • Discussing the ‘glocalisation’ of recruitment – how can local recruits enable schools to improve retention and ensure long-term teacher growth and development

The OSME Conference will bring together principals, academic, pastoral, secondary and primary leaders from English-speaking international private schools across the Middle East. They will discuss practical solutions to improve outcomes across teaching & learning, wellbeing & inclusion, staff development, management, operations and edtech.

Event details

Event date:
October 5, 2022

Event time:
1:15 pm


Live and in person in Dubai

Time Zone:

3:15pm (GST) / 1:15pm (GMT+1)


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