The power of a meaningful mindfulness practice

Took place on: September 4, 2023
Mindful Sparks discuss how mindfulness can be integrated into the classroom in a way that resonates with you and your students.

The power of a meaningful mindfulness practice

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Mindful Sparks discuss what mindfulness is, their approach to integrating mindfulness practices and a more mindful approach to learning for both students and teachers and sharing how they assess the impact made inside and outside of the classroom.

The fireside chat is hosted by:

Lily is an experienced educator and mindfulness advocate from the UK, currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. She is the CEO and Lead Teacher at Mindful Sparks, an education company dedicated to integrating mindfulness practices into the lives of students, teachers, schools and communities worldwide. Established in 2019, Mindful Sparks has developed over 10 teacher training programs and workshops, along with 3 mindfulness curriculums for students aged 4 to 16, impacting more than 250 teachers in five countries.

  • Rose Whitney, Curriculum Lead at Mindful Sparks and Primary Cover Teacher

Rose is passionate about children’s wellbeing and growth, and how adults can best support them to thrive. She is committed to learning, developing and implementing key practices such as mindfulness, compassion, and social awareness both inside and outside the classroom. She believes in the power of wider reading, sincere conversation, reflective thinking, and the joy of creativity.

In 2019, Rose joined Mindful Sparks and was part of the team trialling the different Mindful Sparks curricula in Thailand. She now works on the curriculum team to develop meaningful content whilst working in primary schools across the UK.

  • Maeve Downey, Workshop Lead at Mindful Sparks and Private Tutor

Maeve is a passionate advocate for mindfulness and wellbeing. With a background in Biochemistry and eight years of living and working in Thailand, Maeve discovered her true calling in teaching and working with learners. Currently, Maeve dedicates her time to teaching an upper elementary home school group in Koh Samui, Thailand. In addition to her teaching role, she is part of the team at Mindful Sparks, an organisation that focuses on creating impactful workshops and facilitating engaging discussion sessions for teachers and school staff on integrating mindfulness in the classroom.

Alice is an Early Years Teacher and a Trainee Play Therapist. Alice loves working with children, especially when focusing on mental health and wellbeing and through her personal mindfulness practice, she has seen the power it has to help develop resilience and gratitude in classroom environments. In 2023, Alice joined Mindful Sparks to help develop teacher workshops focusing on building a compassionate classroom. Alice currently lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. She has always loved being part of an international community as she grew up attending an international school in France.


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