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Dennise Reyes

Data Manager

As a Data Manager at ISC Research since July 2023, I have critical responsibilities in data governance, data quality, datasets, and reporting. My expertise in data analytics spans various domains, including telecommunications, marketing, banking, and semiconductors, where I’ve worked extensively in multinational teams locally and overseas.

Throughout my career, I’ve worn multiple hats in the data analytics realm, from being a skilled Data Engineer and Data Analyst to a meticulous Data Tester, IT Business Analyst, and proficient BI Reports Developer. This diverse experience has honed my ability to effectively drive end-to-end data analytics development.

Beyond the world of data, I lead an enriching life outside work. My free time is dedicated to devouring books and exploring fiction, non-fiction, technologies, and biographies. Additionally, I find excitement and adventure in action role-playing games like Death Stranding and Hogwarts Legacy. To maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, I practice yoga every morning to keep my mind and body in shape.


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Promoting awareness of human trafficking through primary and secondary connections
Promoting awareness of human trafficking through primary and secondary connections

Jannapha Hubeny and Kennon Coe, primary educators at Atlanta International School (AIS), are dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking both within their school community and on a global scale. They serve as key facilitators of the school's organisation, Atlanta International School Against Human Trafficking (AISAHT), working tirelessly to educate students and combat this critical issue. Read more

Transforming school communities with healthy food and farming
Transforming school communities with healthy food and farming

Award-winning Kopila Valley School serves 400 of the most vulnerable and at-risk children from the region each year using a holistic approach, with a major focus on experiential and place-based education. Sunita Bhandari and Rajen Karki discuss the school's healthy lunch program and agriculture initiatives. Read more

International mindedness at work 
International mindedness at work 

Lincoln Community School in Ghana won a 2024 International School Award for its hosting of the inaugural Model United Nations Conference. Johnny Schwerk, Counsellor at Lincoln Community School in Ghana, discusses the award-winning initiative. Read more


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We are dedicated and committed to supporting the broader international schools community by providing data, trends and intelligence. Since 1994, we have guided schools with their growth plans, informed investors on new school development, helped universities to engage with international schools, and advised education suppliers that are supporting the market.