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Jeanne Sartorio

Client Services Administrator

Customer service holds a special place in my heart. My journey in this field began at a retail company in the Philippines, where I dedicated five years to honing my skills. This experience greatly enhanced my interpersonal abilities, which I carried forward when I joined a telecommunications company, where I continued to refine my customer service expertise.

Being a part of ISC Research is both an honor and a wonderful opportunity for me to apply the knowledge and capabilities I’ve acquired throughout my career.

In addition to my professional life, I’m also a proud mother of a delightful five-year-old boy, a role I cherish alongside my work. Outside of my responsibilities, I find joy in watching movies and travelling.

I’m eagerly anticipating the chance to connect with more individuals and contribute to fostering a thriving business environment.


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Celebrating excellence: the 2024 International School Awards
Celebrating excellence: the 2024 International School Awards

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Integrating maths and design through robotics

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Building bridges through intergenerational learning

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