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Liz Dixon

Marketing Executive

I joined ISC Research in 2006. As marketing executive my main responsibilities involve managing the email campaigns and supporting the conference and events we attend or host.

Prior to working at ISC Research I was an analyst programmer working on a library automation system for over 10 years.

In my spare time you can find me on a tennis court our walking my dog.



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How to avoid school leader burnout
How to avoid school leader burnout

While the wellbeing of students and staff has climbed the agenda since the pandemic, the wellbeing of school leaders is still a low priority. This is short-sighted as research shows the quality of headteacher and principal wellbeing can have a significant impact on school effectiveness. Dr Helen Kelly shares practical advice on how school leaders can work to avoid burnout. Read more

Reclaiming hope
Reclaiming hope

Centred in community, inspiration and action, the Festival of Hope is an initiative created by the International Baccalaureate (IB) that aims to create spaces for millions of young people to speak up and turn complex challenges into positive action and hope. This article gives insight into the lives of students at UWC Atlantic College (AC) and their exploration of the concept of hope as they worked with the IB to host the Festival of Hope in Wales. Read more

What the pandemic taught us about wellbeing
What the pandemic taught us about wellbeing

Being a teacher isn't easy. Schools set high standards for educators to provide superb instruction and nurturing pastoral care, fully engage in campus life and communicate with many stakeholders. As such, it is essential for school leaders to prioritise faculty wellbeing, which Robbie Shields is here to tell us all about. Read more


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