International school college counsellors share views on student pathways to higher education

This white paper complements our latest research report on the pathway from international schools to higher education by sharing the views of international school college counsellors on the research results.

Evidence within international schools

We conducted research with higher education institutions around the world on the pathway from international school to higher education. Have any of the results from this research been evidenced in international schools? ISC Research invited five international school college counsellors to respond to results from the report. This white paper shares their perspectives. 

Many institutions that participated in the research said they have learnt lessons from the pandemic regarding their international undergraduate student admissions. These include identifying effective new practices within recruitment and admissions selection, and developing greater understanding of student needs.

A free copy of the Pathway from International School to Higher Education 2021 Report is available to download from our website.

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International school college counsellors

Included in this paper

  • Meet our college counsellors
  • Greatest challenges for international school students
  • Destination preferences of international students
  • Shifts in international student admissions
  • Equitability of international student admissions
  • Adaptations to admissions criteria for international students
  • New HEI initiatives for international student recruitment and admissions
  • New practice for international student admissions



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