Recruitment and CPD in international schools

ISC Research explored international school staff recruitment and continuous professional development through research conducted with international schools, recruiters and providers. Learn the outcomes in our exclusive specialist report.

Research highlights



Of recruitment agencies strongly agree that international schools proactively seek teachers showing adaptability and flexibility to support 21st century learners



Of recruitment agencies surveyed noticed international schools began their recruitment process earlier in the school year in 2020-21



Of international schools said they plan to develop the skills of their current teaching staff in the use of education technology



Explore the latest shifts in recruitment in international schools, find out how CPD models are leveraging technology to adapt to teacher needs, and access exclusive expert recommendations to consider implementing in international schools. What CPD should schools consider to attract and retain staff? All in our October 2021 exclusive specialist report, Recruitment and CPD in international schools.

This report will support international schools with the latest market shifts, good practice from selected case studies, and expert recommendations to consider implementing. It will also help recruiters and providers to better understand the recruitment and professional development needs of the international schools community.

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Key takeaways

  • 89% of recruitment agencies strongly agree that international schools proactively seek teachers with technology skills to support 21st century learners.
  • 67% of recruitment agencies surveyed said DEIJ strategy skills are sought-after for international school leadership positions.
  • CPD is being adapted to better match teachers and staff needs, and support their wellbeing.


international school teachers

Included in this report

  • SECTION 1: Recruitment market trends
  • SECTION 2: Market shifts in recruitment – the view of recruitment providers
  • SECTION 3: Recruitment advice for international schools
  • SECTION 4: CPD market trends
  • SECTION 5: Market shifts in CPD – the view of international schools
  • SECTION 6: CPD preferences of educators
  • SECTION 7: Market shifts in CPD – the view of CPD providers
  • SECTION 8: Optimising CPD – advice for international schools


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