Edruptors 2021: the top international education influencers of the past year

Who are the opinion shapers within international education today? ISC Research has explored this question for the first time, identifying the key education influencers followed on social media platforms by people around the world.

Top Edruptors of 2021

Start 2022 with some new inspiration! The top international education influencers of 2021 are announced in our latest white paper, named Edruptors because of the impact they can have to affect change for educators.

ISC Research has compiled a list of the most highly rated influencers within international education, based on LinkedIn, Twitter and public survey data. Whether you wish to learn more about a specific topic this year, or broaden your horizons by hearing different perspectives, our Top Edruptors of 2021 white paper is one way to stick to your resolution! Our white paper will help you to find thought leaders to follow or connect with on social media, including peers and industry experts. They’ve also shared good practice for readers interested in increasing their reach.

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Included in this paper

  • Top 10 Edruptors 2021
  • Insights from the top 10 Edruptors of 2021
  • Top 75 Edruptors of 2021
  • Organisations edrupting international education in 2021
  • How we achieved our results



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