Komodo is a global education supplier that offers schools innovative safeguarding and wellbeing solutions to ensure students can thrive in a supported environment.


Komodo is a data-driven wellbeing platform that is designed for schools to track and proactively support student wellbeing. To develop brand awareness within the international schools market, Komodo connected with ISC Research. Chris Bacon, co-founder and CEO of Komodo Ltd, explains the impact.


Raising awareness of Komodo through ISC Research


“Our first interaction with ISC Research was in November 2021 through booking sponsorship of the International School Awards (ISAs) Wellbeing Award, which is perfectly aligned with our brand ethos. This was fundamental to our rapid growth within the international schools market. Using the sponsorship, we leveraged the ISA platform to reach out and nurture our relationships with international schools.”

“Directly from the sponsorship we were able to generate quite a lot of leads and obviously that’s fantastic, but that wasn’t actually the main output of what we were expecting. When we opted to sponsor the Wellbeing Award, we were predominantly looking to heighten our brand exposure and awareness, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the international schools market. In doing so, it’s given us a greater insight into the way that international schools are operating, and particularly, what wellbeing strategies schools are deploying at the moment.”


Komodo’s step into understanding the international schools market using ISC Outreach


“The data and intelligence ISC Research have provided has been phenomenal, to an insane level that I don’t think I could have even imagined by doing the data collection ourselves”.

“After realising the success of our sponsorship, we continued to work with ISC Research seeing exciting opportunities through using the ISC Outreach data portal.” ISC Outreach provides current market data and analysis, including market reports on key countries, trends, and developments.

“Firstly, having the analytics helps massively in terms of understanding the different market segments across the countries. The combination of information provided of broader market analysis is incredibly helpful. Being able to understand the company records of what structure the schools have been fundamental in helping Komodo to outreach to schools, alongside identifying which schools make sense for our product at an early stage. As a bonus, the market intelligence reports provided by ISC Research are fantastic! They are brilliant, but just give such a quick and easy window of opportunity. It’s great to get a bit of context prior to going into a conversation with specific schools.”


Segmentation: International school market strategy


“The way I perceive international schools now is entirely different to what I would have said one year ago. I believe international schools typically exist at the forefront of the market, due to adopting up-to-date technologies, practices, and accreditations. I believe they are leading the way for the education market.”

Komodo is still in the early stages of utilising ISC Outreach’s toolkit for marketing and business development. However, six months of working with ISC Research has seen a swift impact on Komodo’s business development and engagement with the international schools market.


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