IB Build a sustainable international education webinar

September 15, 2021
Meet Sam Fraser, Research Director, at this year's IB Build a sustainable international education webinar.

IB Build a sustainable international education webinar

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Meet Sam Fraser, Research Director, at this year’s IB Webinar. Sam will be explaining how this sector of education provision in Asia looks today, based on July 2021 stats. He will identify some of the key trends that offer opportunities and challenges for international school growth and development.  

In this International Baccalaureate’s (IB) webinar, they will be inviting experts from across the international school market to share insights on everything education decision makers need to know when either setting up a new school, or enhancing their existing offer to meet the demands of the frequently changing market.

During the webinar, they will deep dive into upcoming market trends; the prospects for sustainable international education in Asia; and the potential high-level concerns of setting up a sustainable education business, while offering proven solutions and highlighting the support available via international education providers including the IB.

Event details

Event date:
September 15, 2021

Event time:
2:30 pm

(GMT+08:00) Singapore Standard Time

Duration: 150 minutes


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