Specialist reports

Learn about international schools common practices and market needs. Our specialist reports are based on the results of specific surveys with international schools.


International school practices and needs

Enhance your understanding of established practice and identify market gaps and emerging trends within key areas of international school life. ISC Research partners with sector experts to provide you with specialist analysis in order to produce the most valuable reports.

We conduct a wide range of specific surveys with international schools around the world to investigate common practices and to identify market needs. These surveys address such practices as diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, wellbeing provision, use of education technology, governance, student pathways, or teaching and learning models. The specialist reports share data and detailed insights from these surveys.

Curricula reports 2023

TitleMARCH 2024

The Curricula - Global Overview 2023 and Curricula - Global Overview by Age Range 2023 reports present a comprehensive analysis of the international schools market, focusing on key global curricula and frameworks such as the International ... Link to report

Age range and demographics 2023 report

TitleFEBRUARY 2024

This report aims to provide insight into the age range and demographics of international schools worldwide. Understanding these aspects is crucial as they not only reflect the current state of the market but also hint at potential opportunities ... Link to report

International teacher recruitment and retention 2023

TitleNOVEMBER 2023

This specialist report analyses conversations with international school leaders and teachers over the past two years, on the shifts in teacher recruitment and retention patterns. Link to report

Listening to international student voices

TitleAPRIL 2023

International schools are recognised for the globally minded thinking they develop within students, but are they valuing the student voice to inform change within their community? Explore the outcomes of our research in this specialist report. Link to report

International school governance practices

TitleOCTOBER 2022

This specialist report highlights changes in governance practices in international schools in 2022, but also calls for further support of the school community. Link to report

Future of Assessment in International Schools

TitleMARCH 2022

This exclusive specialist report highlights the latest trends in K-12 international schools assessment and includes advice from experts and case studies highlighting opportunities and challenges. Link to report

The International School Student Profile

TitleNOVEMBER 2021

Based on research conducted with international school students, alumni and staff over the summer, this report explores the profile of students that international schools attract and how this has resulted in market shifts. Link to report

Recruitment and CPD in international schools

TitleOCTOBER 2021

ISC Research explored international school staff recruitment and continuous professional development through research conducted with international schools, recruiters and providers. Learn the outcomes in our exclusive specialist report. Link to report

The Pathway from International School to Higher Education


Research on the impact of recent macro-environmental factors on the international school student pathway to higher education, exploring changes institutions have made to their undergraduate admissions processes. Link to report

Teaching and learning in international schools

TitleJULY 2021

ISC Research has conducted research into teaching and learning practice within international schools to identify if it will experience noticeable shifts within the next two years due to the impact of COVID or other factors. Link to report

Wellbeing in international schools

TitleMARCH 2021

A report highlighting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wellbeing of students and staff in international schools. Link to report

Inclusion in International Schools

TitleAUGUST 2020

This report uncovers research into inclusion in international schools over a period of 4 years. It sheds light on current inclusion practices, and provides understanding of how the international schools market has been adapting to the needs of ... Link to report

Governance in international schools

TitleNOVEMBER 2019

ISC Research collaborated with the Principals Training Center to produce this first research published in 2019 into governance practices within international schools. Link to report


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The comprehensive research presented in our market intelligence reports relies on the international schools data continuously collected, verified and analysed by our expert team. 


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