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What is PedTech and why it matters to international schools?

TitleJUNE 2024

With perspectives from EdTech suppliers, international school educators and PedTech experts, this white paper will explore some common misconceptions of PedTech, why pedagogy is about more than teaching and classroom practice and why PedTech ... Link to paper

How administrative edtech solves problems and poses challenges for international schools

TitleAPRIL 2024

Edtech is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for international schools, it is embedded in every aspect of school operations, supporting both administrative and pedagogical needs. Explore the role that edtech plays in international education and how it ... Link to paper

What data tells us about the international schools market

TitleFEBRUARY 2024

The international school market is growing. In the last 5 years, the number of schools has increased by 8% and the number of students attending by 10%. This equates to a rise in fee income of over $9 billion globally. Link to paper

Edruptors 2023: international education influencers of the year

TitleJANUARY 2024

Find out who's been recognised as an Edruptor of 2023. Our white paper includes a list of international education influencers who share good practice and social media advice for their peers. Link to paper

International online schools

TitleOCTOBER 2023

In recent years, many brick and mortar schools are making the leap from traditional in-person classrooms to blended learning. Learn more about the unprecedented growth of the online schools market. Link to paper

Why more international schools keep opening

TitleFEBRUARY 2023

As new international schools keep opening year on year, we've explored the macro and micro-environmental factors influencing growth in the international schools market. Link to paper

Where is the international schools market growing?

TitleFEBRUARY 2023

This exclusive white paper explores where growth is occurring within today’s international schools market. Link to paper

Edruptors 2022: international education influencers of the year

TitleJANUARY 2023

Find out who's been recognised as Edruptors of 2022. Our white paper includes a list of international education influencers who share good practice and social media advice for their peers. Link to paper

What makes the international schools market different?

TitleAUGUST 2022

How do English-medium international schools differ from domestic K-12 educational offerings and what does that mean for school admissions and education suppliers? Link to paper

Edruptors 2021: the top international education influencers of the past year

TitleJANUARY 2022

Who are the opinion shapers within international education today? ISC Research has explored this question for the first time, identifying the key education influencers followed on social media platforms by people around the world. Link to paper

Purchasing plans: the decisions international schools make and how

TitleNOVEMBER 2021

This white paper summarises the outcomes of our research into the ways international schools make purchasing decisions, and provides education suppliers with insights to develop a strategic approach. Link to paper

International school college counsellors share views on student pathways to higher education


This white paper complements our latest research report on the pathway from international schools to higher education by sharing the views of international school college counsellors on the research results. Link to paper

The growing demand for international schools within a mid-market fee point

TitleMAY 2021

Our team has done further research to help you better understand this growing segment of the global international schools market.  Link to paper

Why parents select an international school and the impact of COVID-19 on school choice

TitleFEBRUARY 2021

This white paper explores the common reasons why parents select an international school for their child and the impact of COVID-19 on their selection. Link to paper

Why and how independent schools open sister schools overseas and what next for this education sector?

TitleNOVEMBER 2020

Independent schools in the UK and United States are looking at diversification for alternative sources of income, one of which is foreign development. Link to paper

Analysis of the historic response of the international schools market to local and global crises

TitleAPRIL 2020

In the light of COVID-19, this white paper highlights how the international schools market responded in times of crisis. Link to paper


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