Application process

Applications for the 2023 International School Awards closed on Friday 8th July 2022


How to apply

Applications closed on Friday 8th July (23:59 GMT+1)

The awards are open to all international schools who meet our eligibility criteria.

  1. Sign up through our online application platform.
  2. Start your form by selecting the award category that best represents your initiative. See all categories and criteria below for more information.
  3. Fill out our eligibility criteria to see if your school is eligible for our awards.
  4. Once you have started your application form you will be able to save your progress and return to the form ahead of the deadline.
  5. Complete the application form, responding to every question within the given word limits. Incomplete applications and failed attempts to fill out compulsory questions will result in your form being unable to be submitted.
  6. Select your supporting evidence carefully and upload your images and videos via the application form. You are allowed to submit no more than five photographs and one video per application.
  7. All schools may enter up to three categories, but you can only enter one application submission per category. If you wish to apply for more than one category then you can use the ‘copy’ feature to create a copy of your entry and change the category as required.
  8. Once complete, submit your application. You will only be able to submit your applications before Friday 8th July midnight GMT+1 when applications close.



Answers to your questions

Explore our frequently asked questions for further details about the International School Awards application process.



A panel of independent judges select all shortlisted and winning schools.
Polly Akhurst
Polly Akhurst

Job title - Co-founder and Co-Executive Director, Amala

Polly Akhurst is the Co-founder and Co Executive Director of Amala, a not for profit organisation which uses the power of education to transform the lives of refugees, their communities and the world. Amala has developed the first high school ... View profile

Dr Samia Al Farra
Dr Samia Al Farra

Job title - International Education Consultant

Dr Samia Al Farra works as a consultant in school improvement and excellence in education K-12. Currently she serves on three boards of international schools in Dubai, Riyadh and Kuwait. She was the Chief Education Officer of Taaleem Management ... View profile

John Bastable
John Bastable

Job title - Director of Bastable School Solutions

After graduating from Cambridge in 1975, John left the UK for a two-year teaching post overseas and returned 38 years later having gained extensive international experience, spending 35 years in leadership positions. ​John is now semi-retired ... View profile

Judith Fabian
Judith Fabian

Job title - Former Chief Academic Officer of the International Baccalaureate

Judith taught English and Drama in secondary schools in London for 10 years, followed by 15 years as department head and principal in international schools in Jordan, Tanzania and Germany. She joined the International Baccalaureate (IB) in ... View profile

Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis

Job title - Head of School, ACS Egham International School, UK

Jeremy Lewis served as Head of School at ACS Egham International School in the UK for 12 years.  Prior to joining ACS Egham, Jeremy held leadership roles in Turkey, Vietnam, Hungary, Japan and Kuwait.  During his 38 years in international ... View profile

Kristina Madsen
Kristina Madsen

Job title - International Coordinator of Education, Foundation for Environmental Education

Kristina Madsen is the International Coordinator of Education responsible for the Eco-Schools programme at Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recognised by UNESCO and UN Environment as a world-leader ... View profile

Anu Monga
Anu Monga

Job title - Founder and Chair of TAISI

Anu Monga has a distinguished career within education in India and the international schools market. She has more than thirty years of senior leadership experience and has worked in different leadership capacities with leading schools in Delhi, ... View profile

Ango Mwakisu
Ango Mwakisu

Job title - Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Ango Mwakisu has been working in international higher education for more than 10 years. Originally from the land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, Tanzania, Ango is an alumnus of Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany where he earned both his ... View profile

Mónica Pérez-Bedmar
Mónica Pérez-Bedmar

Job title - Professor, Department of Natural Sciences, Saint Louis University, Madrid, Spain

Mónica Pérez-Bedmar is a double national Spanish-American. Upon completion of primary and secondary school in her hometown of Madrid, she received a scholarship to study in Florida Tech University, where she completed a BS in Oceanography and ... View profile

Paul Regan
Paul Regan

Job title - Former Principal of Oaktree International School, Kolkata, India

Paul has worked in the field of education as teacher, head teacher and principal for over thirty years, fifteen of them in international education. He has run schools in Kenya, the Ukraine, Bosnia and India and, as founding head, he has started ... View profile

Trevor Rowell
Trevor Rowell

Job title - Chairman of COBIS

Trevor has extensive international experience with 20 years overseas. Educated at Oxford and Cambridge, after headships in England he was then Head of an international school and CEO of a leading schools group. He has been Chairman of COBIS, ... View profile

Kevin Ruth
Kevin Ruth

Job title - President, Moreland University

Kevin is the President of Moreland University, the TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education, and the former Executive Director of ECIS. In addition to two decades in education as a teacher, advisor, department head, and deputy head, he has given ... View profile

Dr Helen Wright
Dr Helen Wright

Job title - International Education Advisor

Helen has an energetic career spanning 25 years to date in the UK and international education sector, including 13 years leading schools as Head, as well as a number of national and international roles, including as Vice-Chair of the ... View profile


2023 Award categories

Community partnership

This award will recognise a school initiative that involves students as community partners, working in collaboration with an external group to develop impact in the community.

Digital technology in learning

This award will recognise a school initiative that involves digital technology to support student learning in a way that includes the development of digital responsibility as part of the initiative.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and justice

This award will recognise an initiative being implemented as part of a school’s strategic journey towards developing DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion and justice).   

Ethical values education

This award will recognise how a school initiative is supporting students in their development of ethical values which encourage them to think and act as global citizens.

Future pathways

This award will recognise how a school initiative is preparing students with the skills and/or values to support their future pathways.

Innovation and creativity in learning

This award will recognise a school initiative that supports students in future thinking and creative innovation. 


This award will recognise a school initiative that supports safeguarding within a school community. This may include the prevention of radicalisation.

Strategic leadership

This award will recognise an initiative that has been collectively spearheaded by a leadership team, senior leadership team or governing body. 


This award will recognise an initiative being implemented as part of a school’s sustainability ethos.


This award will recognise a school initiative that supports the wellbeing of a school’s stakeholders, including the pastoral care of students.

International school of the year

This award is selected by the judges from one of the winners of the 10 individual categories.

Also included in last year's awards

International impact

This award recognised a school initiative that demonstrated how international education and the school ethos had had a positive impact within the locality and/or on a global scale. 

Teaching and learning

This award recognised a subject-specific or whole-school initiative that had supported teaching and learning to the benefit of the students.